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Tropical Oasis’ Joint Premium Multivitamin Helps to Build Stronger Bodies

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Joint pain in the knees, hands, elbows, shoulders and other areas make day to day life far more difficult and painful for many people in the United States, affecting people of all ages, sexes, races, and ethnicities. Often chronic joint pain is brought on by arthritis with 15 million people reporting severe joint pain from arthritis, totaling 29.2% of women with arthritis and 22.75 of men according to the CDC. While pain relievers such as acetaminophen are usually people’s first choice for relieving joint pain, there are many who wish that there was some way that they could improve their joint health through other means.

Additionally, there are many who just wish to keep their joints as healthy as possible. Luckily, Tropical Oasis’ Premium Liquid Joint Supplement is a great choice for those wishing to improve their joint health. This supplement is packed with high-quality ingredients and an anti-aging formula that improves joint health promotes blood flow and increases flexibility. 

Our joint support vitamin is an easy and effective way to consume the ingredients in the formula. These ingredients are 1500mg glucosamine sulfate, 800mg chondroitin sulfate, 500mg methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and 50mg hyaluronic acid. All of these great ingredients have their own special effects on joint health which together form one of the most potent joint health formulas on the market!


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1. Glucosamine Sulfate 

Glucosamine sulfate is one of the most popular and effective ingredients for improving joint health on the market! Glucosamine Sulfate is a natural compound found in healthy cartilage, particularly in the fluid around the joints. It serves as a building block for a variety of functional molecules in your body but is primarily recognized for developing and maintaining cartilage within your joints. Glucosamine Sulfate is used by the body to produce a variety of other chemicals that are involved in building tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and the thick fluid that surrounds the joints, making it a necessary component for preventing bones from rubbing against one another and causing pain and inflammation. 

How does Glucosamine Sulfate Work? 

Joints are cushioned by the fluid and cartilage that surround them. In some people with osteoarthritis, the cartilage breaks down and becomes thin. This results in more joint friction, pain, and stiffness. However, research has shown that supplementing with Glucosamine Sulfate can reduce some of these symptoms through its anti-inflammatory properties and that it can help with cartilage regeneration.  

What Are the Benefits of Glucosamine Sulfate? 

1. Reduce Inflammation 

While Glucosamine’s mechanisms are still poorly understood, the evidence shows that it has significant anti-inflammatory properties when it comes to inflammation in the joints. A study with over 200 people linked glucosamine supplements to a 28% and 24% reduction in two specific biochemical markers of inflammation: CRP and PGE, while numerous other studies seem to confirm these results. Given that inflammation is one of the greatest causes of joint pain, this high-quality ingredient has the potential to be a saving grace.


2. Supports Healthy Joints 

One of glucosamine sulfate’s main roles in the body is to support the healthy development of tissues between your joints. In particular, glucosamine sulfate plays a large roll in the development of articular cartilage, which is the tissue that covers the ends of your bones where the joints meet. This cartilage, along with a lubricating liquid called synovial fluid allows bones to move freely across one another. Glucosamine also plays a roll in the creation of this synovial fluid, and for these reasons is necessary to minimize friction and allow for painless movement in your joints. 

Moreover, Some studies indicate that supplementing with glucosamine sulfate may protect joint tissue from degradation by preventing the breakdown of cartilage with at least one significant study showing that glucosamine supplementation reduced cartilage breakdown by as much as 28 percent!


3. Can Help Treat Bone and Joint Disorders

Glucosamine has become a popular way to treat various bone and joint conditions, and there are many good reasons for this being the case. Science backs up glucosamine supplementation as an effective tool for fighting these conditions. In fact, multiple studies indicate that supplementing daily with glucosamine sulfate may offer effective, long-term treatment for osteoarthritis by providing a significant reduction in pain, maintenance of joint space and an overall slowing of disease progression. Other studies suggest that supplementation with glucosamine leads to reduced markers of rheumatoid arthritis and significantly improved symptom management for the condition. 

What's the best part of all of this? Glucosamine is just one of the many ingredients in our Premium Liquid Joint Supplement that can have such great impacts on your joint health!


4. Chrondroitin Sulfate 

Like glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate is one of the best treatments available on the market for joint pain relief and joint health, and we have it in its highest-quality in our Premium Liquid Joint Supplement. Also, like glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin is a component of human connective tissues found in cartilage and bone with incredible properties that reduce pain and inflammation in the joints, improves joint function, and likely slows the progression of osteoarthritis (OA), the most common of the chronic conditions affecting the joints, affecting approximately 27 million Americans. 

The claims in favor of chondroitin have been backed by a number of studies which have found that more than half of patients with osteoarthritis have a 20 percent improvement of knee pain and that it also slows down the progression of osteoarthritis by slowing down the narrowing down of joint space that occurs over two years in those afflicted by the condition. 

Another major study that involved 1,600 participants with knee OA found that a significant about of participants with moderate to severe arthritis experienced significant pain relief from combined chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate experienced significant pain relief. Finally, another respected study conducted by The Fred Hudson Cancer Research Program showed that supplementation with chondroitin gave rise to a 37 percent reduction of inflammatory markers in participants. 

For our Premium Liquid Joint Supplement, we chose only those highest quality ingredients we knew would help our customers improve their quality of life through better joint health, and with glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate down, we have two more to go!


5. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

Our high-quality MSM is one of the ingredients we are most proud to provide for our customers in our Premium Liquid Joint Supplement. MSM is a sulfur-containing compound found naturally in plants, animals, and humans, and it has become very popular with people looking for a natural way to relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity. Additionally, it has become a significant treatment for a number of joint conditions, such as arthritis. 

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What are the Benefits of MSM? 


1. Decrease Joint Pain

Joint degeneration can negatively impact your life in big ways by limiting your movement and causing joint pain. This is why we are so happy to provide high-quality MSM, which has been shown by numerous studies to reduce inflammation in the body and inhibit the breakdown of cartilage, two of the main causes of joint degeneration. In fact, improvement in the quality of life after supplementation with MSM  is one of the most common responses involved in MSM trials. 

Of course, supplemental ingredients like MSM often work best in conjunction with other vital supplements for joint pain, like Glucosamine. A study conducted by medical professionals showed that for patients with lower back pain, taking MSM in conjunction with Glucosamine significantly reduced lumbar stiffness and pain associated with movement. We here at Tropical Oasis are always paying attention to important studies such as these so that we can be painstakingly sure that we are providing the best formula of ingredients for joint health on the market. 


2. Anti-inflammatory Effects

The anti-inflammatory properties of MSM have been well documented by scientific research. MSM inhibits NF-kB, a protein complex involved in the inflammatory response, as well as reducing a number of molecules associated with inflammation, such as TNF-a and IL-6. Additionally, MSM increases the body’s levels of glutathione, a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.


3. Speed Recovery After Exercise By Reducing Muscle Damage and Stress

Regular exercise is one of the healthiest activities a human being can engage in with wide-ranging benefits from improved sleep to better hearth health. However, exercise can be an especially trying time for those who deal with joint pain since exercise can cause muscle damage and increased levels of oxidative stress. 

Luckily, MSM can help with that! MSM naturally speeds muscle recovery after intense exercise by reducing inflammation and reducing oxidative stress placed on the muscle. A recent study showed that patients who supplemented with MSM experienced significantly reduced exercise-induced muscle damage and increased antioxidant activity after engaging in exercise, while other studies show that MSM reduces muscle soreness and joint pain after exercise. 

If you are experiencing joint pain but don’t want to give up on your exercise routine, our joint premium multivitamin is definitely one of your best choices for managing your symptoms and helping to protect your joints from further damage. 

Hyaluronic Acid 

Hyaluronic acid, a clear, gooey substance that is naturally produced by your body, is mostly known for its great beauty benefits, such as promoting healthier skin and reducing wrinkles. Even if you are just looking to improve your joint health, healthier skin is certainly nothing to complain about! Still, in addition to its benefits to beauty, it turns out that hyaluronic acid might just be one of the best supplements for healthier joints.

The main function of hyaluronic acid is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist. It is found in your skin and your eyes and also your joints, where it serves to keep your joints lubricated. The better your joints are lubricated, the less likely they are to grind against each other and cause uncomfortable pain. 

This is why hyaluronic acid has been shown to be so helpful to patients with osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease caused by wear and tear on the joints over time. Studies show that taking hyaluronic acid significantly reduced knee pain in individuals with osteoarthritis. Of course, hyaluronic acid is not just important for relieving symptoms of osteoarthritis; it is also important to keep the joints well lubricated to prevent the wear and tear of joints over time that often leads to conditions like osteoarthritis.  

How is Our Supplement Different From Other Brands?

In addition to delivering you some of the best supplements for fighting joint pain and improving joint health in one single formula, our Premium Liquid Joint Supplement has something special about it that you would be hard-pressed to find in any other brand: its easily absorbable liquid form. 

Research shows that when you take pill supplements for joint and muscle pain relief, only about 15-20 percent of the vitamins in the pill is actually absorbed in the body. What's the point of taking vitamins if they will simply pass through your body?  On the other hand, up to 96 percent of the ingredients in our liquid vitamins are absorbed into the body and most of that within the first thirty seconds of taking the vitamins.

If you are serious about improving your joint health, you should be serious about making sure that your body gets the beneficial ingredients it needs for this purpose. If you are serious about making sure your body gets the beneficial ingredients it needs, then there is no better option than our liquid vitamins.  


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Why Choose Our Joint Premium Multivitamin?

Joint health is so important to our everyday well being. We want to be able to get out of bed without pain, to move around with ease, and engage in healthy and fulfilling activities like regular exercise. Whether you are hoping to just keep your joints healthy or if you are trying to reduce the symptoms from joint conditions, making sure that you provide your body with supplements like Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid into your body is an essential step in creating real lasting change in your joint health. By taking our Joint Premium Multivitamin, you get the highest quality of these ingredients in an easy and efficient liquid formula with a higher absorption rate than pill form alternatives. So what are you waiting for? You can start your path to healthier joints and a higher quality of life right here.

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