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The Health Benefits of Liquid Multivitamins

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Vitamins come in all shapes and forms and at the end of the day, we all know that when it comes to taking care of our health, vitamins are essential. Just like eating the right types of food, our bodies need the right amount of nourishment from the best sources possible to stay healthy and agile. Just like pills, liquid vitamins come packed with vitamins of all types, and of course, as always some of these vitamins are much more essential to a healthy diet for a particular person than others. While a pregnant mother may need prenatal supplements to help with healthy brain and fetal development in their child, another may use vitamin c to keep their kids energized and focused throughout the day. From men's health to women's health, these essential liquid multivitamins are at the core of any balanced diet.

Of course, if your intention is to stay healthy in addition to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, then taking vitamins should be a part of any health-conscious individual's dietary routine. After all, leading a healthy life is oftentimes contributed to being the single most important factor in having a happy, well-balanced life. Taking vitamins has also been proven to increase an individual’s lifespan and reduce the risk of illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. In this article, we will cover the difference between liquid multivitamins and traditional pills while providing an overview of why liquid vitamins are better for the consumer.



Liquid Multivitamins are Much Easier to Digest

Of course, one of the biggest problems associated with pills is that often times they are not properly produced, resulting in the pill breaking apart and releasing only a smaller portion of its intended supplement. Another common issue associated with taking pills is pretty obvious. Nobody actually enjoys swallowing pills. And from what we’ve seen from all the time we might have been bedridden, some of these “horse pills” are nearly impossible to swallow. Another point of concern is that many people suffer from dry mouth conditions or other conditions like dysphagia, which can prevent them from taking pills altogether.


Liquid Vitamins Have a Higher Bioavailability and Absorption Rate


Liquid vitamins, on the other hand, have a much higher bioavailability and a 98% absorption rate such as our Maximum Strength Turmeric Curcumin vitamins which ensure that your body is getting precisely what it needs without the risk of the diluted health benefits you get from digesting a pill that is never going to fully dissolve in your system. In fact, researchers have found that 90% of most liquid vitamins are absorbed in your system within the first 30 seconds of digestion which makes sense when you consider the fact that naturally, liquids are much more easy to digest than solids. At the end of the day when it comes to getting the full boost of vitamins your body deserves, the absorption rate is essential. 

Another concern is that conventional vitamins also contain chemical additives, called binding agents, which hold the pills together. Two of the most common binding agents are called dibasic calcium phosphate (DCP) and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), which force your body to use unnecessary energy in an attempt to break the pill down

The worst part is, these binding agents are widely disregarded during the digestion process and in the end add absolutely zero nutritional value whatsoever while liquid vitamins, because they are made with a liquid formula, deliberately lack these binding agents, meaning that everything you put into your body serves a purpose to further the progress of your health without having to add chemical additives as an unnecessary means to an end.

Chewable vitamins or gummies, well-known as being the traditional go-to-vitamins for kids, aren’t much better. While they may seem fun and cute and are indeed easier to swallow, chewable vitamins and gummies are a little bit like candy and not as good for nutrition. Because they often times have chemical flavor enhancers and much higher calories along with added sugar, in many ways, they defeat the purpose of taking vitamins altogether. After all, what’s the sense of putting good nutrients into your body if they are combined with ingredients that are bad for the body? Tropical Oasis liquid vitamins, on the other hand, are physician approved and only give you the essential health benefits you need from taking them in the first place while coming in a non-additive liquid form.


Liquid Multivitamins are Easily Portable and Drinkable


Let’s face it. Not all days are created equal and many of us wake up to get ready for the 9-5 rush without ever taking time to fit our vitamin routine into our mourning schedule. Since our liquid vitamins come in a lightweight, eco-friendly bottle in liquid form, you can rest assured that wherever you go, your vitamins go while the environment will continue to produce that same clean oxygen that keeps us alive and happy. In fact, many people who take traditional vitamins such as pills and capsules, miss entire days without their vitamin supplements.

The other important factor to consider is that everyone has a different diet. Some people like to go to the gym in the mornings with a nice smoothie from the organic smoothie shop next door. Some like to drink eight glasses of water throughout the day to promote healthy skin. With liquid vitamins, you can easily work these supplements into your diet. So if you want to add some essential vitamins and minerals to your daily meal, then you can do so without the hassle of swallowing a bunch of pills that will never fully digest.


Liquid Vitamins Have a Lesser Impact Environmentally and Economically

Traditionally, pills and capsules require a complex manufacturing process that precariously balances the proper ratio of nutrients with other additives that aid in the solid pills physical integrity and dissolvability. This means more intensive labor to produce the pills which in return requires more money and a stronger impact on the environment. 

Additionally, these pills are sold and stored in non-GMP Certified bottles that follow often times unethical bottling practices that result in additional damage to the environment. Even if the bottles themselves are, in fact, recyclable, they are often times disregarded and not recycled properly.

One of the things that we felt was important to the ethics behind the product manufacturing at Tropical Oasis, was that in order to be ethically conscious and protect the environment that gives us everything from vitamin D to clean air, that all of our liquid vitamin bottles would need to be GMP Certified. This way, you know that at the end of the day, your health will not be compromising the environment, which tends to be the case with traditional pills and capsules.


Vitamin Doses Should be Flexible and Not Fixed


Another important benefit of liquid vitamins is that the doses can be flexible. After all, some days you may need more Vitamin C than others, which is especially important when taking multivitamins. Dosage is also an especially important factor to consider when taking multivitamins and while high doses of some vitamins and minerals are fine, high amounts of others can be seriously harmful to the body.

While capsules and pills are meant to be taken whole or in halves, individuals have a much higher discrepancy when it comes to controlling their vitamin doses with liquid vitamins. Because of this, you have the benefit of not taking too much or too little of a required dose, ensuring that your body is getting precisely the right amount of vitamins that it needs in order to be healthy.

At Tropical Oasis, all of our liquid multivitamins come with colloidal trace mineral supplements from the Great Salt Lake River and are produced solely in the U.S. With colloidal trace mineral supplements that come straight from the Great Salt Lake River, you can rest assured that in addition to your vitamins, you are jumpstarting your body’s system with some of the finest trace minerals in the world. So even if you minimize your dose, these body nourishing trace minerals will still be in whatever portion of liquid vitamins you decide to take.


What’s the Benefit of Liquid Multivitamins?

As we learned earlier, your body needs essential vitamins and nutrients in order to function properly and to the best of its ability. Many times these vitamins and nutrients get left out in our daily diet. Multivitamins are basically a unique combination of essential vitamins that are normally found in food sources and combined into one supplement, which aids in bridging the nutrient gap that is created by a non-holistic diet. 

Depending on the type of liquid multivitamin you are taking, you can expect to experience everything from increased energy levels, improved mood, and reduced stress and anxiety. You can also experience improved short-term memory and maintain muscle strength. With some combinations of healthy liquid vitamins, you can experience all of the above from a single dose.

Vitamin D and Calcium, for example, are clinically proven to improve bone health, while Folic Acid can reduce birth defects if taken during pregnancy. Vitamins such as B Vitamins have been shown to lead to increased energy levels and even provide a boost to neurological functions. Not bad if you’re studying to pass your latest exam! Magnesium, on the other hand, leads to relaxation in the body and antioxidants can prevent cancers. 

A healthy combination of these can give your body its full healthy potential while protecting you from further complications, or even worse, potential diseases. Vitamin A can prevent blindness and healthy growth and reproduction in the body. Vitamin A also leads to improved functions such as bone health and reducing the chances of skincare problems such as acne.



Of course, a healthy lifestyle should be well-balanced


While liquid multivitamins can, in fact, make us much healthier than we would be without them, that does not mean that they are all we need. Any healthy lifestyle and diet should always be well-balanced. In other words, taking liquid vitamins does not mean that we don’t need to keep exercising or eating healthy whole foods and drinking lots of clean water. The best part of liquid vitamins is that they combine with your daily routine and diet to help bridge the gap in nutrients and give your body the added boost it needs. All in all, these vitamins assist with all types of medical conditions and if you have a medical condition, adding liquid vitamins to your diet is a great health decision. Of course, if you do have a medical condition, you should always first seek out medical advice from your doctor or a physician. Great medical advice paired with great liquid vitamins is always a win-win.

Unlike traditional vitamins that have trouble breaking down in the body, especially after a big meal, liquid vitamins will be absorbed in the body almost instantly. This means that you can take them almost anytime of the day and still know that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs. You can also combine the vitamins with any type of whole foods or drinks, such as a shake or a smoothie. Liquid multivitamins also go well with vegan diets of all sorts, so if you're a vegan you can rest assured that our vitamins do not contain gelatin which is an animal by-product found in many types of gummy vitamins and gelatin capsuls.

Tropical Oasis liquid multivitamins are also free of added unnatural preservatives and only contain natural preservatives to keep the vitamins fresh and from expiring. This way, when you're taking your daily vitamins, you can rest assured that everything going into your body is natural. Having these daily multivitamins on hand will help prevent potential future illnesses as well. So whether you're looking to give your brain an extra boost with increased focus and concentration or want to maintain strong healthy bones that will thank you later down the road, Tropical Oasis liquid multivitamins have you covered so that you can integrate healthy living into your lifestyle and promote an improved healthy lifestyle altogether.


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