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About Tropical Oasis

We strive to provide the most effective liquid vitamins with the highest quality, natural ingredients available for the lowest price possible. This has been our vision since Tropical Oasis was founded more than two decades ago.

With 25 amazing products manufactured here in Texas, USA you can feel safe knowing that liquid vitamins from Tropical Oasis are what we take ourselves and give to our families.

Why Liquid Vitamins?

    • Faster and more complete absorption than pills. Liquids do not have to be digested and broken down in the stomach, like pills do.
    • Our liquids taste good! We use fruit extracts in every product, and they are great nutritional addition to juices, smoothies, and the like.
    • Easy to swallow. If you have issues taking capsules/pills, switching to liquid vitamins will save you from daily discomfort.
    • Easier on your body. Liquid vitamins are free from tough-to-digest chemical binding agents found in conventional vitamins.
    • Great when on the go. Delicious, all-in-one liquid multivitamins are easy to take with you on not-so-leisurely days.

We use no sugar in our products, making them a safe choice for diabetics, hypoglycemics, and those on sugar-free diets.

Our time tested formulas are backed by 20 years in the industry, scores of testimonials, and the approval of doctors.

As a board certified Dr. of Medicine at Tru Health Urgent care in Lowell, AR, I am recommending to get your daily vitamins from Tropical Oasis liquid Vitamins. These great tasting liquid vitamins not only absorb at a 98% they really work and work fast. Tropical Oasis liquid vitamins are the choice for my family and I. -Dr. David Schmidt


As a board-certified Doctor of Medicine with Arlington Healthcare Associates, I endorse the brand Tropical Oasis over any other brand on the market today. The liquid form enters the bloodstream in seconds while capsules take time to start working and are often tough to swallow. Plus, these taste great! -Dr. Daniel S. Karin

From all of us at Tropical Oasis, thank you for your trust and we wish you and your family the best of health!
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