Tropical Oasis Mega Plus Multivitamin and Mineral Supplement
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Tropical Oasis Mega Plus
Tropical Oasis Mega Plus
Tropical Oasis Mega Plus
Tropical Oasis Mega Plus

Mega Plus Liquid Multivitamin

Tropical Oasis Mega Plus

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✅MORE THAN 100% DAILY RDA OF ESSENTIAL VITAMINS: Tropical Oasis Mega Plus is one of the most potent liquid multivitamins on the market. Our mega plus multivitamin is an “amped up” version of our Adult Multivitamin and Minerals, containing 100% or more daily RDA of essential vitamins.

✅ CoQ10 is a vital nutrient manufactured by your body that helps cells produce energy. As we age, our body loses its stores of CoQ10, particularly in the heart. Taking CoQ10 helps maintain your healthy CoQ10 levels and is also recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure.

✅ PABA is found in foods such as liver and grains and offers benefits rarely obtainable from other nutrients. PABA is important for healthy skin and hair pigment and when used with other B vitamins may help restore hair color.

✅ Tropical Oasis Mega Plus Multivitamin contains well over 100% RDI of essential vitamins and minerals including: 833% Vitamin C, 667% Vitamin E, 1667% B1, 1538% B2, 438% B3, 1588% B6, 3333% B12 for maximum immune system support and natural energy

✅ Liquid Supplements are absorbed up to 98% by your body - Compared to pills/capsules that are only absorbed about 3-18% - No artificial colors or flavoring

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